Recover missing partitions

Recover data and files from missing partitions in easy steps

Recover Missing Partitions Data

Ever faced the situation when you started your computer system and found that you cannot see your partitions. Tried to search the partitions; but all in vain. Now where did the partitions disappear?

Have they been deleted?
Are they missing, if yes Why and How?

The reason could be any of the above. Sometimes the partitions accidentally get deleted or become invisible to human eyes. In this case, first try to search the partitions and view the Disk Management System of your computer system. If you cannot find them then the reason for this could be a virus attack or accidental deletion or formatting of the drive.

Recovers Missing Partitions – FAT and NTFS

The partition recovery tool is equipped with “Extensive Scan” method with which it completely scans hard drive of your computer system and searches for the missing or lost partitions. When the software finds the FAT or NTFS partitions, it then starts data recovery process of files and folders from the partition(s).

Extensive mode recovers in two ways:

1. Recovery from Existing Partitions

2. Recovery by Searching Partitions.

The Search Partition option enables the user to search for the lost, missing, deleted partitions in the hard drive. This mode displays all the found partitions and recovers data from them. One can see the configuration of the partitions after selecting the appropriate partition. Recovery Fix for Windows enables you to customize the settings of the file system if the displayed file system doesn't seem to be correct. This can be done by clicking on the 'Select File System' a drop down menu. The next button will continue with the searching of data placed on that particular drive partition.

If due to any reason, Extensive Scan method doesn't seem to be effective; File Trace can be opted, which is a complete solution for recovery of missing, formatted or deleted drives.